Cube in a cube 2x2

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cube in a cube 2x2

How to Solve a 2x2 Rubiks Cube: A Solution Guide for Kids! Solve the Pocket Cube and Impress Your Friends! by Ciel Publishing

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Published 22.05.2019

2x2 through 5x5 : Cube in a Cube Pattern

Rubiks Cube 2x2 Puzzle

There are 8 corner pieces, each containing 3 of the 6 colors: white, red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. The dark grey on the pictures below and in the instructions throughout the solution means that the color of those pieces does not matter. A letter with an "i" after it means an inverse or counter-clockwise move when looking at that face directly. When solving a 3x3 Rubik's Cube, the center pieces indicate what colors go on each side. On the 2x2 Rubik's Cube, we don't have center pieces to guide us, so we are going to pick a corner piece to start with and build off that. Any corner piece could be used as a starting piece, but let's use the corner that is white, blue and red.

The 2x2 cube is basically a Rubik's Cube without center and edge pieces having only the 8 corner pieces. If you can solve the classic 3x3x3 then you will be.
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Skip to main content. Rubiks Cube 2x2. Winning Moves Games Rubik's 2 x 2 Cube. In stock on September 25, Very cool and love how it has no stickers.


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