No one else can make me feel

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no one else can make me feel

Ed Schroeder (Author of Duty Honor Country Kill Capture or do Nothing)

Wow!! I could easily feel the pain and depression. Just a thought here, this may be the beginning of telling how this person got to this point, meaning this is the end, now tell the beginning. There were successful until this happened or they lost that which slowly led to this state. I think you really have something good here, turn it into something great... Best regards, Ed
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Published 23.05.2019

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield - Lyrics

Friends treat you like a stranger and Strangers treat you like their best friend, oh well Spare a thought for the ones that came before All in a daze bending backwards to reach your goal. Friends treat you like a stranger and Strangers treat you like their best friend, oh well. When can we, yeah can we, work it out?
Ed Schroeder

17 Nostalgic '90s Songs That Still Give You All The Feels

That's the price you pay Leave behind your heart and cast away Just another product of today Rather be the hunter than the prey. Looking through the glass find the wrong within the past knowing We are youth Cut until it bleeds inside a world without the peace, face it. Boomerang How many lies do we have to tell? To keep from saying that I wish you well. How many tears do we have to cry?

2. "Wonderwall" Oasis, 1995

But what if, despite what everyone says, you still feel alone? We asked our mental health community for some suggestions to get us started.

As comes to a close, I find myself looking back in nostalgia over not just the past 12 months, but the past 20 years or so. Specifically, at all those ' 90s songs that still give me all the feels. More than almost anything else, songs from early in my life bring back those memories in crystal clarity; I can remember where I was, what I was doing, how I was feeling, and sometimes even what I was wearing when I heard them. It's kind of spooky. But it's also pretty cool, so I wanted to share a list with you of the '90s songs I connect with most strongly, even Ouchies, that was jarring to write down.


  1. Leon P. says:

    Jackson's sister La Toya Jackson also appears in the video You must feel things very deeply and music is a trigger that brings you into this state.

  2. Bradley A. says:

    A bag of marbles film quirky words to describe yourself

  3. Liane C. says:

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt. Significance. A phenomenon most of us only notice once we lose it. If you're like.

  4. Constantino M. says:

    No one else can make me feel the way I did when I was with you. If only I could live with you forever.

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