Waiting for the light movie

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waiting for the light movie

My Darlin Clementine by Kristiana Gregory

After visiting the mining town of Idaho Springs, CO this book caught my attention as it describes the harsh realities of living in the gold mining town in the 1860’s. Topics people tend to ignore in typical children’s books (this one is for ages 10+) are addressed head on - opium addiction, vigilantes, alcoholism, ogling men at young girls, gambling addiction, physical abuse as well as some graphically described death scenes. While I wouldn’t give this book to a 10 year old, it was an interesting read for me. I am a fan of Kristiana Gregory - one of my favorite children’s books of all time is her The Legend of Jimmie Spoon (It’s terrific! My kids and I have read it multiple times). So if you choose this book for a young person, know that t covers a lot of unpleasant topics.
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A Light That Never Comes (Official Video) - Linkin Park x Steve Aoki

Extreme affliction, which means physical pain, distress of soul, and social degradation, all at the same time, is a nail whose point is applied to the very center of the soul… He whose soul remains ever turned towards God though the nail pierces it, finds himself nailed to the very center of the universe. The House Is Black opens with a zoom and ends with a retreat.
Kristiana Gregory

Waiting for B

This is like one of those board games where you start out with a lot of story cards and trade them until you have all the ingredients in your hand. The movie left me with one overwhelming question, but it had nothing to do with plucky mothers or run-down diners. What I wanted to know was, what superhuman feats of self-control did it take for the makers of this film to prevent themselves from including a cute dog in the screenplay? You know, one of those mutts that tilts its head to one side and cocks its ears over its eyes? The movie already is causing a certain amount of confusion because it stars Shirley MacLaine and contains a lot of people who think they have witnessed miracles. But this is not the movie version of MacLaine's book Dancing in the Light. No, this movie is in another tradition entirely, the tradition of Colorful People who relentlessly inflict their colorfulness on us as if we could not see in the first six minutes that they were afflicted.

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WAITING: Official Trailer - Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin - NOW ON DVD

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