Diary of a wimpy kid movie characters

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diary of a wimpy kid movie characters

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood, The Story of all Three Movies by Jeff Kinney

If youve ever wondered how a movie gets made, youre not alone. Author and illustrator Jeff Kinney didnt know either, but when his bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was turned into a live-action movie by 20th Century Fox, he learned how books get adapted for the screen in not one but three major motion pictures. Complete with photographs, script pages, storyboard sketches, costume designs, and original art by Jeff Kinney, The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary--now updated to include the new movie Diary of a Wimpy: Dog Days--is the perfect companion to the bestselling series.

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What the Cast of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) Looks Like Now!


Rowley Jefferson is Greg's best friend and is usually the deuteragonist of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He has had a major role in nearly every book with the exception of the 9th, 10th, and 12th books. He has overprotective parents who aren't fond of Greg's behavior specifically Mr. Jefferson, but his mother can also seemingly get annoyed by Greg too , assuming that he is a bad influence which for several reasons he is. He is often seen as an anti-hero in the series, despite being the main character's best friend, as he often does idiotic, nonsensical things, which results in getting Greg in trouble while he gets off scot-free. Despite this idiotic behavior, though, Rowley always wishes the best for everyone, and is a very nice and innocent kid.

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. The biggest message of the story is what Greg's mother tells him: "It's our choices that make us who we are," meaning that even when we've messed up or failed, we still have an opportunity to choose to ask for forgiveness or to change. Rowley and Greg's friendship shows how important it is for friendships to be unconditional, regardless of how "popular" the other person seems to be, and how it's not OK to lie to your friend and let him get punished for something you did.

According to Jeff Kinney, he is based on his own worst qualities in middle school. Greg is very concerned about his popularity level and how he looks in public. He absolutely loves video games, comics, and slacking off, taking after his older brother, Rodrick Heffley. He takes up a lot of traits from Rodrick such as selfishness, laziness, etc. He also has an interest in cartooning and making comics.

The characters in the Wimpy Kid series. Trending pages. Greg Heffley; Rodrick Heffley; Chirag Gupta; Manny Heffley; Rowley Jefferson; Holly Hills; Susan.
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It is the only film in the series to be directed by Freudenthal, who was replaced by David Bowers for the rest of the installments. Greg Heffley , a small boy who constantly fights with his brother Rodrick and younger brother Manny, is apprehensive about beginning middle school. On his first day, he quickly discovers the ups and downs, such as the missing stall doors in the boys' bathroom and the difficulties of obtaining a seat during lunch. During P. Greg also meets Angie, a girl who isolates herself from the other students to survive.

Holly Elizabeth Hills Piper Elizabeth Matthews in the online version is served as the love interest in the early books and the younger sister of Heather Hills. Holly is the most popular girl in Greg Heffley 's grade, but she is considered to be the 4th-prettiest girl in their grade the top three prettiest girls are mentioned to all have boyfriends. Holly's appearance is thought by boys at the Westmore Middle School to be very attractive, according to how Greg describes her. She is colored black and white, like everybody else in the book. Her notable features include a round, largely sized diamond earring, an ear with an arrow depicted as the insides, she has light colored hair that sits nicely on her shoulders and a skirt that covers her knees.


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