Best western movies on amazon

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best western movies on amazon

The 100 Greatest Western Movies of All Time: Including Five Youve Never Heard Of by Philip Armour

As a boy who never grew up, I retain a not-so-secret enjoyment of the Western movie genre. In spite of the fact that theyre unrealistic and exploitative, I cant shake my boyhood affection for the oaters; some titles I have watched literally dozens of times. Consequently, I put the lie to the subtitle of this book in that I had actually heard of every title named therein. Top 100 lists of anything are naturally subjective; I wouldnt say that I would rank these titles all in necessarily the same order as the author, and there might be two or three titles I would replace with movies that didnt make his cut, but for the most part I am in total agreement with his picks for the top movies.

One thing I didnt like about the book is that there are a few spoilers that might ruin the ending of a movie or two for the unsuspecting reader. On the plus side, scattered throughout the pages are bits of western and movie-related trivia that will be of no surprise to western buffs but will be entertaining for the average reader. Also, the final chapter is a sort of tourists guide to places that have become iconic to the western film industry, complete with recommended accommodations and websites for the odd museum or other point of interest. Perhaps the book isnt a great literary marvel, but it is effectively written and achieves what the writer set out to accomplish.

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Sergio Leone Greatest Western Music of All Time (2018 Remastered ???? Audio)

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Philip Armour

The 20 Best Westerns on Netflix

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For proof, scroll to entry 2. The Ridiculous Six is not a good comic Western. Gallowwalkers Year: Director: Andrew Goth. Gallowwalkers is the kind of awful that takes years to produce, languishes on a shelf for years after, and on arrival in the marketplace validates its slow, tortured journey toward commercial availability via sheer fucking atrociousness. How, you may ask, does a film where Wesley Snipes fights a gang of outlaw zombies turn out to be unwatchable? The Timber either needed to be longer or it needed to be better edited; it clocks in at 80 minutes, thereabouts, but somehow manages to feel twice as long as that, a real slog about two brothers Josh Peck and James Ransone on a mission to track down and turn in their dad William Gaunt in exchange for the bounty placed on his head. In context with this list, the nicest thing a person can say about Traded is that it is not The Ridiculous Six.

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Netflix has been great over the years at picking up some of the finest western movies of all time. Few people could afford guns, bullets were expensive, and the vast majority of settlers were peaceful people in search of a better life not looking to be killed. That life was, of course, unimaginably hard. And that is what many of the new releases examine. Here are ten movies and TV series currently streaming on Netflix we believe are a great start for you to begin exploring the genre.


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