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rachel maddow 8 8 2018

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Published 13.07.2019

The Rachel Maddow Show 8/1/2019 The Rachel MSNBC News Today August 1, 2019

Friday, August 31, Guests: Natasha Bertrand. Thursday, August 30, Guests: Abigail Spanberger Wednesday, August 8, Guests: Gene Rossi.

Avenatti: Cohen got $500k from Russian Oligarch. TRANSCRIPT: 05/08/2018. The Rachel Maddow Show

Happy Thursday. Happy to have you with us. But fairly quickly, the special counsel handed it off so that case against all those employees of the Internet Research Agency and Russian oligarch who ran that entity that case is now mostly being handled by the U. The special counsel occasionally turns up in relevant filings and stuff but it seems like the heavy lifting being done by the U. A few months later, Robert Mueller brought another indictment against a different set of Russians. But that one right away, day one, they handed that one off so that that ongoing prosecution is not being handled by prosecutors who work directly for Mueller.

The Rachel Maddow Show has obtained exclusive, secret audio of Rep. Devin Nunes speaking candidly to donors at a private fundraiser for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Below are the transcripts of the portions aired on the August 8, episode of The Rachel Maddow Show:. Which is really the danger. We have to keep the majority.

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Michael Cohen did get a new subpoena today. It is a surprise., Happy Thursday.

Happy Monday. Happy to have you with us. Winning control of the House of Representatives this fall. As you know, the midterm elections coming up very fast. They are ten weeks away. But there has been ongoing litigation in multiple states about whether or not the maps that define congressional districts in certain states have been drawn fairly.

We were doing a lot of huddling today to make sense of what happens. I know, what are you going to do? Me neither. Enough going on for you? Do you have a colleague that you a beloved colleague you can run into in the halls at work when each news story breaks so you can say, what does this one mean? The president today announced that the United States is blowing up the nuclear deal that Iran signed in , with not just us but with us, alongside the U.



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