Ibn ali breaks up fight

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ibn ali breaks up fight

Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S Quotes

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Published 17.07.2019

The Street Referee

Man who broke up Atlantic City fight in viral clip to appear on ‘Steve Harvey’

Community Leaders News. Community Leaders Influencers News People. A Facebook video that has been viewed more than 31 million times shows two teenagers in a street corner scrap with other teens around them watching. After the video went viral, people across social media and the traditional media congratulated him for having the courage to step up. Miller a student and a married father of five said he was on a break from a class when he came across the scrapping teens. Those young men impressed me.

Jump to navigation. From Oct. Who receives salutations depends on the school of thought. It is a mandatory practice per the Quran and hadiths. The events are designed to create awareness and solidarity for those who are oppressed.

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Newser — Ibn Ali Miller is distressed. Not because he was able to talk down two teens who were involved in an Atlantic City street fight, nor because the Facebook video of him doing so has now gone viral—and definitely not because LeBron James acknowledged him on Twitter for what people are calling his "unbelievable" mediating efforts. It's because he doesn't think any of this is a normal reaction. The video, which has been shared nearly , times as of this writing, shows the two young men going at it in the street—until Miller, a student and dad of five, happened upon the scene while taking care of an errand, the Press of Atlantic City reports. Positioning himself between the two, Miller implores the kids to knock it off, telling them they're "almost men. Jamar Mobley, one of the boys in the fight and on whose phone the fight was recorded , offered thanks to Miller and tells CBS Philly "it could have gone a whole other way" had Miller not stepped in.


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