How to read and learn faster

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how to read and learn faster

Learn Faster & Remember More: The Developing Brain, the Maturing Years and the Experienced Mind by David Gamon

Drawing from the most recent neurological research, this guide translates these findings into techniques, exercises, and self-tests that are designed to stimulate learning and memory retention skills from infancy to old age. Practical insights into the way the brain develops are provided, including what newborns respond to and what a child can understand when-with specific references to the Mozart Effect controversy and self-consciousness in the terrible twos. Explained are such hot topics as why studying before sleep uses dreaming to file facts away, how to memorize a fact by using powers of imagination, and what to eat to keep brains alert after lunch.

Author Biography: Allen D. Bragdon is the founding editor of Games magazine and the coauthor of Brains That Work a Little Bit Differently, and Use It or Lose It! He lives in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. David Gamon, Ph.D., is the coauthor of Building Mental Muscle and Building Left Brain Power. He lives in Oakland, California.

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Active Reading // 3 Easy Methods

You're sitting at your desk, twiddling your pen, and thinking what am I doing still here, sat at this desk? Why aren't I over there at that desk, in that office?.
David Gamon

Speed Reading

Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions. Now you can speed read content from 46 file types! Chances are they are damned good at reading stuff. The kind of stuff that is important in their job, and the kind of stuff that gets them noticed in society. They may just have learned how to read fast how to speed-read. Speed-reading is reading like normal only with a big difference.

How to Speed Read

Last Updated on June 23, - Learning how to read fast, or speed read, can be a useful skill if you are trying to get through a reading list quickly or go through a long text. Before you can speed up your reading abilities, you will need to determine your average reading speed and practice several methods to improve your reading speed.

Gus is reaching information overload. He has to present a report on three big market studies to his manager, tomorrow at noon. He's got a stack of information to read through, and the clock is ticking. It's not an option to ask for an extension to the deadline. But he needs to make sure that he's "covered all the bases" otherwise he'll look careless.

But I remember the trailer , in which Travolta gets zapped by an eerie light and wakes up with the power to read books a day. Sure, he can do lots of other things, too, like move things with his mind. But it was the speed reading I was most envious of. How can you get through them more quickly? Last year, I read the most amount of books I ever have, smashing my previous record by ten and surpassing my goal for the year.

How much more could you get done if you completed all of your required reading in one-third or one-fifth the time? This post is a condensed overview of principles I taught to undergraduates at Princeton University in at a seminar called the "PX Project. In fact, while on an airplane in China two weeks ago, I helped Glenn McElhose increase his reading speed 34 percent in less than five minutes. The PX Project, a single three-hour cognitive experiment, produced an average increase in reading speed of percent. It was tested with speakers of five languages, and even dyslexics were conditioned to read technical material at more than 3, words-per-minute wpm , or 10 pages per minute. One page every six seconds.


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    Just as with all worthy pursuits, learning how to read faster takes practice. Try these five easy tips to read faster without losing your.

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