Books for millennials to read 2017

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books for millennials to read 2017

Millennials Book Lists

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Published 27.07.2019

Every Book I Read In 2017, Reviewed

13 Book Club Books For Millennials, Because, Yes, We Read

Smelling the scent of books is a joy for many readers. But is this still the case with millennials? Or have they changed? Among the various genres, each book offers its own excitement for readers. Many argued that this was caused by a lack of access to books. It is also not hard to find parents with their children exploring hundreds of books together.

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Top 20 Books I Read in 2017

Here is a reading list that encapsulates the millennial voice, from the writers with their finger on the pulse of a generation. The Irish writer, who is 28 this year, has been hailed as the "first great millennial novelist" by the likes of The New York Times. In her award-winning second novel, schoolmates Marianne and Connell begin a clandestine relationship. As they go to university in Dublin and navigate relationships with other people, they keep gravitating back to each other. Unpretentious and incisive, Rooney elevates the mundane anxieties of young people to literary heights. Nothing unites the young like being the subjects of a good old moral panic. Lee Koe won the Singapore Literature Prize in with this sharp, sizzling selection of short stories that shuffles through a kaleidoscope of perspectives, from migrant workers to a local girl who visits parks with her foreign not-boyfriend to the Merlion reimagined as a "sarong party boy" working at Orchard Towers.

Of all the books I read in , the below five changed and formed me the most both professionally and personally. I also tried to give you a taste of not just why they were great but also what they argued, so you can learn from them even if you don't read them. And yet most people have lost proficiency in deep work. For example, busyness has become a "proxy" for productivity. In the absence of clear indicators of what it means to be productive and valuable in their jobs, many knowledge workers turn back toward an industrial indicator of productivity: doing lots of stuff in a visible manner. But until you read this book, you will not be convinced enough of the need to work deeply to incorporate these simple changes into your daily work. Deep Work has, I hope, irrevocably changed the way I manage my time and get things done.

Today we are going to look at the surprising facts behind younger readers and the book publishing industry. According to some recent studies, millennials are more likely than any other age group to visit libraries. And… [Read More]. Amy Collins Author November 21, According to some recent studies , millennials are more likely than any other age group to visit libraries. And now, Hooked , an app aimed at the 14 to year-old market, has become the top grossing book app for Apple and Android. New research shows that millennials lead other generations in reading.


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