Is princess margaret still living

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is princess margaret still living

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Princess Margaret - Transformation From 0 To 71 Years Old

The Torrid Affair That Torpedoed Princess Margaret's Marriage

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, whose troubled private life aroused both worldwide sympathy and widespread reprobation, died yesterday morning in London. She was She suffered a stroke on Friday afternoon, the latest in a series that had left her partly paralyzed in recent months, and developed heart problems overnight, Buckingham Palace said. The queen announced the death ''with great sadness,'' according to a statement from the palace. Attractive and fun-loving, Princess Margaret earned a reputation in her youth as a free spirit. But her 20's were clouded by an unlucky romance with Group Capt.

We may know Prince Harry as a royal wild child and his mother, Princess Diana, as a headstrong royal who always went her own way. From her glamorous, partying ways to smoking up to 60 cigarettes per day, the royals certainly dealt with a handful when Margaret was around. And her romances were just as fiery and scandalous as the rest of her life. Margaret eventually married Antony Armstrong-Jones , who was then dubbed Lord Snowdon once they were wed. In fact, several reports have noted that Margaret was actually madly in love with Captain Peter Townsend. While Townsend and Margaret were engaged, she cut it off due to the legality issues of him having had a divorce in the past. For this reason, she moved on — and she reportedly met Snowdon, who was a notable photographer at the time, during a photo shoot in

From her dramatic love life and nude photo scandal to her penchant for drinking and smoking, it's been made abundantly clear what most royal family aficionados knew all along: Margaret was never meant to blend in. She was always going to stand out. Margaret was everything you'd expect a spare heir to be ; much like Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte after her, she was irresistibly charming , attention-seeking, extroverted, and much more rebellious than her older sister — after all, if you don't bear the direct responsibility of one day taking the throne, you have less pressure put on you to be perfect. Margaret was only 22 when her sister became queen , and while her duties mostly consisted of representing the family on royal tours of Jamaica, Japan, Australia, and the US, she also had a vested interest in welfare charities, music, and the ballet. After failed engagements, one divorce, two children, and a handful of extramarital affairs, Princess Margaret's royal reputation wasn't one to be desired. Throughout her later life, her health began to severely decline and the glamorous jet-set lifestyle she was known for faded away; a cigarette smoker since 15, Margaret had part of her left lung removed in an operation similar to the one her father, King George VI, underwent three decades earlier — and though she was able to kick the habit some years later, she continued to drink heavily.

Feb 9, Princess Margaret, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at age 71 the right to marry in a parish church while a former spouse is living.
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From her dramatic love life and nude photo scandal to her penchant for drinking and smoking, it's been made abundantly clear what most royal family aficionados knew all along: Margaret was never meant to blend in. She was always going to stand out.

Her beloved sister, Princess Margaret, died peacefully in her sleep this morning at 6. Princess Margaret suffered a further stroke yesterday afternoon. Lord Linley and Lady Sarah were with her, and The Queen was kept fully informed throughout the night. Find out more about Royal events at this year's meeting, which is being held in London. The Sovereign today still retains an important symbolic role as the figure in whose name justice…. In an average year, The Queen receives approximately 60, pieces of correspondence. For her Diamond Jubilee in , The Queen received over , cards, letters and gifts.

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II , she became known for an independent streak, her reputation bolstered by a controversial relationship with royal equerry Peter Townsend. The princess wed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in , but their marriage was also marked by scandal before their divorce in , the first in the royal family in years. Margaret died in London following a stroke on February 9, As a child, Princess Margaret enjoyed swimming and displayed a talent for the piano. Following the war, Margaret appeared in the public eye more frequently.

Margaret spent much of her childhood with her parents and sister. Margaret's father became king, and her sister became heir presumptive , with Margaret second in line to the throne. During the Second World War , the two sisters stayed at Windsor Castle , despite suggestions to evacuate them to Canada. During the war years, Margaret was considered too young to perform any official duties and instead continued her education. In , Margaret's father died, her sister became queen, and Townsend divorced his first wife. Early the following year, he proposed to Margaret.


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