The oldest book on earth

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the oldest book on earth

The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman

The Oldest Living Things in the World is an epic journey through time and space. Over the past decade, artist Rachel Sussman has researched, worked with biologists, and traveled the world to photograph continuously living organisms that are 2,000 years old and older. Spanning from Antarctica to Greenland, the Mojave Desert to the Australian Outback, the result is a stunning and unique visual collection of ancient organisms unlike anything that has been created in the arts or sciences before, insightfully and accessibly narrated by Sussman along the way.
Her work is both timeless and timely, and spans disciplines, continents, and millennia. It is underscored by an innate environmentalism and driven by Sussman’s relentless curiosity. She begins at “year zero,” and looks back from there, photographing the past in the present.  These ancient individuals live on every continent and range from Greenlandic lichens that grow only one centimeter a century, to unique desert shrubs in Africa and South America, a predatory fungus in Oregon, Caribbean brain coral, to an 80,000-year-old colony of aspen in Utah. Sussman journeyed to Antarctica to photograph 5,500-year-old moss; Australia for stromatolites, primeval organisms tied to the oxygenation of the planet and the beginnings of life on Earth; and to Tasmania to capture a 43,600-year-old self-propagating shrub that’s the last individual of its kind. Her portraits reveal the living history of our planet—and what we stand to lose in the future. These ancient survivors have weathered millennia in some of the world’s most extreme environments, yet climate change and human encroachment have put many of them in danger. Two of her subjects have already met with untimely deaths by human hands.
Alongside the photographs, Sussman relays fascinating – and sometimes harrowing – tales of her global adventures tracking down her subjects and shares insights from the scientists who research them. The oldest living things in the world are a record and celebration of the past, a call to action in the present, and a barometer of our future.
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Prepare to be transported into a rich & fascinating history on the oldest books to be the oldest books (bound pages or tablets) in the world that still exist today.
Rachel Sussman

Here Are Some of the Oldest Surviving Books in the World

Before the spread of writing, oral literature did not always survive well, though some texts and fragments have persisted. The earliest written literature dates from about BCE classical Sumerian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Literature portal.

Written thousands of years ago, the Judeo-Christian Bible is a best seller—if not the best seller. In spite of continuous opposition through the centuries to destroy it under different civilizations by religious extremists and secular governments, the Bible has emerged triumphantly. A survey by the Bible Society concluded that around 2. But in spite of misinterpretation and misrepresentation by its enemies, the fact is that it presents one har- monious Plan. Genesis But next the whole people of Israel had to be saved by escaping through the Red Sea from the army of Pharaoh. New Testament Enlightenment The two-part sav- ing of Israel pictures two stages of salvation from the slavery of sin and death.

Right now, the book known as the oldest in the world is a several-page-long volume held by the Bulgaria's National Museum of History. The book is comprised of.
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Right now, the book known as the oldest in the world is a several-page-long volume held by the Bulgaria's National Museum of History. The book is comprised of six pages of beaten carat gold covered with Etruscan script, one of the few writing systems scholars have yet to decipher [source: BBC News ]. According to reports, the book, exhibited in , was estimated at about 2, years old. It was found along the Strouma river in southwestern Bulgaria "in an old tomb," and was donated to the museum by the finder, who remained anonymous. Its age and authenticity were confirmed by two independent scientists, whose names also remain unknown. The question of what is the oldest book in the world will likely never be answered. History isn't static, as most people believe, it's actually dynamic and ever changing.


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