Children in the middle ages

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children in the middle ages

Children and Games in the Middle Ages by Lynne Elliott

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Hidden Histories: Childhood

What You Didn't Know About Children In The Middle Ages

It's a wonder that they made it to adolescence. Children in the middle ages and Renaissance were divided by fate into two categories; nobility and common and their lives were very different depending on which group they belonged to. Right from birth, the children of the aristocracy and the aspiring wealthy classes were tended by servants, nursemaids and tutors. A Prince might have two nurses, four cradle rockers, one or more chambermaids, and a laundress. As a toddler he would also have grooms that followed him making sure he didn't fall and ruin his expensive clothing. His mother wouldn't nurse because nursing was known to reduce fertility and she was required to bear as many children as possible to maintain the dynasty. The mother of a commoner baby was likely to nurse her own child and therefore have a much closer relationship.

Every historical period has its "zombie myths" - ideas so ingrained into the popular imagination that they're almost impossible to kill, ones that rear their ugly heads again and again, as if they've returned from the dead. By studying surviving sources, in both text and image, scholars of the European Middle Ages have been able to develop a much more complex and rigorous understanding of what medieval families were actually like. Here, the truth is much richer than the myth. Schoolchildren at their books, UK, AD From Bodleian manuscript MS. Over email, Prof. Were they like us or were they not like us?

Of all the misconceptions about the Middle Ages, some of the most difficult to overcome involve life for medieval children and their place in society. It is a popular notion that there was no recognition of childhood in medieval society and children were treated like miniature adults as soon as they could walk and talk.
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How People Named their Children in the Middle Ages

History - Middle Ages. Children in the Middle Ages, if they survived past early childhood, sometimes led lives full of turmoil and anguish. Most children did not have the privilege of living the lighthearted and blissful lifestyle that many children experience in current times. Because the time period was full of poor diet and sickness, the lifespan was cut short for many before they even reached adolescence. Also, many children did not experience hours of playtime because they were put to work in order to help their families. Some historians have estimated that up to a quarter of infants born in Medieval times died before they even lived for a full year.


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