Giving money to the government

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giving money to the government

A Brief History of Curating: By Hans Ulrich Obrist by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Part of JRP]Ringers innovative Documents series, published with Les Presses du Reel and dedicated to critical writings, this publication comprises a unique collection of interviews by Hans Ulrich Obrist mapping the development of the curatorial field--from early independent curators in the 1960s and 70s and the experimental institutional programs developed in Europe and the U.S. through the inception of Documenta and the various biennales and fairs--with pioneering curators Anne DHarnoncourt, Werner Hoffman, Jean Leering, Franz Meyer, Seth Siegelaub, Walter Zanini, Johannes Cladders, Lucy Lippard, Walter Hopps, Pontus Hulten and Harald Szeemann. Speaking of Szeemann on the occasion of this legendary curators death in 2005, critic Aaron Schuster summed up, the image we have of the curator today: the curator-as-artist, a roaming, freelance designer of exhibitions, or in his own witty formulation, a spiritual guest worker... If artists since Marcel Duchamp have affirmed selection and arrangement as legitimate artistic strategies, was it not simply a matter of time before curatorial practice--itself defined by selection and arrangement--would come to be seen as an art that operates on the field of art itself?
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Free money? Is the government really giving it away? - VERIFY

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Hans Ulrich Obrist

Why Millionaires Who Want Higher Taxes Don't Just Donate Money To The Government

Reflection , Superannuation. June 14, Rewards are only available to people on relatively low incomes, who traditionally are discouraged from making extra contributions into super. That is, of course, the reason for the reward: the government wants to encourage people to save more for their own retirement. How much free money you receive depends on a couple of things. Firstly, it depends on your income. Secondly, the amount that you receive is a function of the level of extra contributions you have made in the relevant year.

This led us to an interesting question: Is it legal for Americans to voluntarily fund the federal government agencies that they want to support? The first place we looked was the U. Strangely, donations to this account actually happen. The U. While it establishes that Americans can legally give to the government, all the money generously sent to the account is considered an unconditional gift to reduce the public debt — meaning that the patriotic givers cannot tell the government where to spend the money, nor can the Treasury lawfully send it somewhere else.

Some people actually look forward to tax time because they expect to get a refund. They prepare their return and then eagerly await their "windfall" of several hundred or even thousands of dollars.
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Can you donate money to the federal government?

Corrugated, said on a conference call with other millionaires this week. A reporter had asked the millionaires why, if they want the government to take more of their money, don't they just hand it over voluntarily? We think its outcomes are unfair. Paul Egerman, founder of a medical transcription company called eScription, also scoffed at the suggestion millionaires who advocate for higher taxes should take it upon themselves to send money to the government. But one Florida man said he didn't mind sending some free cash to Uncle Sam.




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